No LaB Is...

Conceptual Gallery/Hub which brings
artists + emerging artists to exhibit [sell] 
un[labeled] un [structured] 
provoking and collaborative art pieces.
An environment to forge a relationship and create an artistic
hub where a dynamic conversation is kept by
[conceptual] shows.
Disregarding all the labels; we melt together the authentic and untraditional,expensive and affordable, 
simple and costly, local and international
by combining cultural identities.
Everything inside, visible to the eye, is a [unpretentious]
man created ART piece which can be owned by its admirer.
Our shows not just entertainment but
a spectacular for the eye.



With our No Lab Pop-Up shows we aim to reach to the most visionary artisans, and artists all around the world
to create a community /.Where everyone can be and get inspired / Where everyone can take and give / 
Where everyone can learn and teach. 

Poppin-Up in the rawest and untouched spaces in different parts of Istanbul, and turning these spaces into a
wonderland for people
to experience a spectacular. 

Each Pop-Up will havedifferent concepts with
harmonious art pieces and products.

Each Pop-Up will last for an appropriate
period of time and will be launching concept related events thorough out this period. 

Every thing you see in the space will be an art inspired piece which
will be available for you to buy.

Artist & Artisan

 We value all level of artist; 
Already discovered GEMS and the hidden GEMS. 
We want to provide space for artists who are looking for an environment where they can give and take. For those who have a desire to experiment with the foreign material, idea, and feeling.

We want to bring every artistic soul with
vision, talent, and passion together to create a community where
art is used as a form to idealize reality and where
"not knowing what can't be done" is the common motto. 
By doing this we aim to bond relationships
between artists, and to pair them with
collectors to create intimacy which evoke sensation. 

We want to add more variety to Istanbul's
growing art scene by exhibiting international artists, and create a community which supports them to outwardly express their creativity.  


An instinctual interior designer, Zeynep Ercan, who doesn't like to be labeled solely as an interior designer.
A nomad, Ala Onur, who doesn't label any place as home. 
Living their lives always with a desire and passion for design and art,
Both lived their childhood in Istanbul, moved to NY in their peak years, 
and started their careers there. 
Z to started her own design company, and A to work in PR/Events in Art. 
Their desire to make the unknown-known, and the hidden found, brought them together. 

Seeing the potential to add a touch of art to everything possible. 

To create an environment / artistic hub to forge an ongoing, dynamic and artistic conversat,on. To give an art piece to all, and to bring kinds of creative minds together they created
No LaB